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White Label WordPress Website Support Solutions

WP Pals is extending it’s premier support to web development agencies, designers and developers as part of it’s comprehensive White label WordPress solutions.

We know that you have a lot on your hands apart from maintaining your WordPress site, so we will work behind the scenes to get this job done while you concentrate on other important business aspects.

Our WordPress website maintenance services are incredibly comprehensive. We will manage each and every aspect of your WordPress site that counts as maintenance. From ensuring top grade security to conducting SEO audits to even managing spam comments, you will always have a site that’s in premium shape.

By hiring us as your website management agency, you can become a reseller and open up an additional revenue stream for your business as well. It’s a win – win situation for everyone.

We will work behind the scenes while you can take all the credit for a top notch maintenance job executed by us.

Our number one aim is end user satisfaction and every single service aspect delivered through our White Lable WordPress maintenance service will be a means to an end.

Everything That’s Include in Our White Label WordPress Maintenance Packages

Data Redundancy & Backup:

After signing up with us, you can be at ease if your data gets lost due to any reason. We create multiple cloud based backups for your website at regular intervals, so everything remains safe and recoverable.

Instantaneous Updates:

From plugins to themes, WordPress sites require a lot of updates and we, at WpPals ensure that you get these upgrade weekly in order to always have a highly optimized, upgraded site.

Comprehensive SEO Optimization:

A website is not of much use if it can’t rank well on search engines. Under our White Label services, we work diligently to always keep your website SEO optimized through our consistent audits and updates.

Page Load Speed Issue Resolution:

Sometimes, even when everything seems right, the webpage is still doesn’t rank well. Low page load speed, a common issue in WordPress sites, can be the reason! So we consistently check webpage speed and take steps to improve it as part of our White Label support services.

Complete Anonymity:

We call this White label for a reason and that’s because, we are geared towards getting the job done and not our name being recognized. No matter how many clients you get and white label to us, we will maintain complete anonymity and work under your own brand name.

Easy Payment Plans:

We have multiple WordPress maintenance plans to suit all kinds of requirements. These plans are flexible and can easily accommodate all kinds of mid and top tier needs.

Everyone is Happy:

While we handle all the website security, maintenance, and other issues, you get all the credit for our top-notch, end-to-end services. We’re committed to ensuring everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

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Website Support – The WP Pals’ Way

We are dedicated to providing your clients the premium quality of WordPress support with high transparency and a comprehensive reporting system that empowers a consistently well performing website. As we take on the responsibilities and burdens of delivering against your WordPress maintenance packages, you can focus on planning, designing and developing WordPress websites.

Make WP Pals your go-to WordPress maintenance team, and we will support your business by doing all the heavy lifting, by offering the kind of website support your clients need. We aim to provide the best solutions to your clients and help you make additional revenue in the process.

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