WordPress Maintenance | What it Means and Why it’s Necessary

WordPress might have made it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to start websites and easily conduct day to day to activities on them through its incredibly streamlined CRM system, but still, you need to keep your WordPress site maintained if you want to ensure that your website remains available, highly functional and secure at all times.

On average, there is a WordPress update released every two months. This update can be intended to solve a wide variety of issues like any zero-day vulnerabilities, bugs, security issues, improvement or additions of features, etc.

WordPress has multiple components including its core, themes, plugins, etc. and they require on-time updates if you want to keep your site functioning in the most optimal manner possible.

And while you might think that because WordPress-based websites are so easy to build and operate, you can do their maintenance on your own as well, this is actually not true.

That’s because, a lot of maintenance-related tasks that are tied to these critical updates or anything else require an expert level understanding of WordPress’s core mechanisms, its backend, and front end.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see the major reasons why you need a WordPress maintenance expert or WordPress maintenance services to do different, critical maintenance tasks without any major issues:

Aligning WordPress Updates With Plugins:

Plugins are not always automatically updated when WordPress releases its own updates. That’s because, these plugins might work on WordPress but in actuality, they are made by independent software developers. This effectively puts these plugins out of the domain of the update released by WordPress. So now the developers who made these plugins release their own updates to ensure that their plugins align with the WordPress update and don’t experience any glitches. If you don’t know much about coding or plugins, then it’s best to leave this task in the hands of a WordPress maintenance expert who can make the plugins compatible with the newly updated version of WordPress.

Here, we would like to share an important tip with you and that is, always research thoroughly before choosing any plugin for your WordPress sites. If the plugin doesn’t have a history of timely updates that align with WordPress updates then don’t choose it at all.

Updates Can Give Rise To Software Conflicts:

When WordPress releases its updates, you too can perform these updates on your website, but oftentimes, this can be inherently risky. WordPress updates are designed to be smooth and mostly, there are no issues in updating your site yourself. However, at times, the software of your website, its code, plugins or any other aspect doesn’t respond well to the updates thus creating a major issue on the front end of the site. This can affect a site’s performance highly, so it’s best that you don’t take chances with this and hire an expert on WordPress to do this task for you.

WordPress Maintenance Experts Can Prevent Security Issues During Updates:

WordPress updates are often targeted towards ending security vulnerabilities, but it’s during the process of updating the site that you can become a victim of a cyber-attack since many of your files become exposed, making it easier for hackers to launch attacks like DDoS on them. A WordPress maintenance service provider always ensures that there are buffers to such attempts in place at all times when the update is being rolled out like creating multiple and constant backup copies of your site. This way, even if the hacker does attempt an attack, your website will be able to stave off much of the threat.

Common WordPress Maintenance Services:

Handling WordPress update-related maintenance is definitely one of the most important tasks the WordPress maintenance service providers do for you, but they are not just limited to this.

WordPress maintenance should be a core part of your WordPress website management strategy as this will help you get the following important tasks done on your site by WordPress maintenance experts:

Streamlining the Website with WordPress Core Updates:

The WordPress Core is the main component on which your WordPress site is maintained and gains its functionality. However, this core can get unstable really fast if regular updates are not pulled in and synchronized with it in time. This can make the website deliver a poor final user experience, affecting the site’s performance. On top of this, there are the added issues of Google’s ranking algorithm downgrading your site on its SERPs because of a poorly performing website.

Working on Theme Updates:

You are not done with a theme once you apply it to your website. Even themes need regular updates to keep in line with the latest, design, functionality, and security requirements. If you don’t get your themes updated, you can have a serious issue in areas like the website’s UI/UX performance, core security, or even the inherent functionality of the features present on your site.

Creating Cloud-Based Backups:

WordPress is known to be one of the most secure CMS out there, but that doesn’t mean that there are no chances of your site getting targeted by cybercriminals. Hackers are becoming increasingly agile nowadays with the strategies they are deploying to get around the security mechanisms placed on websites and if they manage to sneak in through a vulnerability present on your site, then they can effectively make you lose all of your website data.

The best answer to this is creating management and frequent cloud-based backups for your website. Major cloud service providers like AWS offer users the chance to link their websites with the platform so that copies of the site’s latest versions can be created frequently. If you do this, then no matter whether you are hit by a ransomware or hacking attempt that might encrypt your files, you will face no issues in getting the site back up live when it’s time to restore the settings to their last version.

Dead Link Inspection & Removal:

We all know that link building is a major part of SEO optimization strategy for any website, but do all the links that you acquire from different sites stay functional all the time? Certainly not.

Unless you have a subscription to a specialized tool like Ahrefs, it can be incredibly difficult to find out which links have become broken and are sending negative signals to Google. If you ignore this for longer periods and the number of broken links start piling up, you will see a severe reduction in the amount of traffic your website is getting because of falling rankings.

WordPress maintenance services can help you find out such broken link profiles, remove them from your site by deindexing them, or giving the file to you so that you can pitch again to websites to reinstate the link they previously gave to your website.

Best WordPress Maintenance Services To Help Optimize Your Website:

At WPPals, we believe in the power of providing stellar customer service along with top-notch WordPress maintenance services so that you are relieved of your duties in managing the site’s backend and front-end related infrastructure.

Not only do we perform all the aforementioned tasks with great attention to detail, but we will also even go the extra mile and help you in other areas like removing spam comments, finding and removing unused plugins, improving your site’s speed among others.

Our pricing plans were developed keeping in mind affordability and customer ease at all times, so if you want a top-performing WordPress website that offers a stellar experience to users, then you need to engage with us for a meeting today.