Learn How To Duplicate A WordPress Page Or Post: One-Click Technique


If you have a WordPress website, then maintaining and upgrading your posts is a good way to optimize your website. For that matter, you often need to copy your posts or pages for securing your web data or to re-utilize the previously written stuff and converting that into a new refreshing article. Or you could use the product sale page and copy similar details for another product.

Duplicating a page or post in WordPress helps you create a new page or post and work on it without changing or affecting the original page or post. Moreover, you can implement your branding to the original posts by changing WordPress fonts and colors of the original post. So here we are going to answer this much-asked question “can you duplicate a page in WordPress?”

Can you duplicate a page in WordPress?

The straightforward reply to this query is, “yes.” Let’s see how we can do that.

The pages or posts can be duplicated manually by copy-pasting the data in a new page or post, but this way, you would have to do all the SEO settings and putting all the tags and metadata from scratch to this newly created one. So, we should be able to duplicate the page or post without having to repeat all these settings again.

Copying or duplicating a page in WordPress can be done in two ways. One method is to do it manually, and for that purpose, we need to edit the code in the functions.php file. Although this is not a difficult task to do, you need to stay cautious and make a backup of your website beforehand before editing your website code.

We will suggest you if you are a beginner to WordPress, then skip this way, hire a professional to do the job, or use the second and easy way of copying a page in WordPress by downloading a plugin to your WordPress website.

How to duplicate pages in WordPress?

WordPress provides various plugins for the task mentioned above. We are going to discuss a few best and most trusted plugins provided by WordPress.

1. Yoast Duplicate Post

Suppose you are already using the Yoast SEO Plugin. In that case, it also provides an additional plugin for duplicating a page in WordPress, Yoast Duplicate Post By Enrico Battocchi& Team Yoast.

This plugin can help you copy posts of all types or duplicate them for further editing into new drafts. After you download the plugin and activate it, it will show the clone | new draft options when you hover the cursor on the post title.

For duplicating multiple posts in WordPress, you can simply select clone in the Bulk Action dropdown menu, and this way, all the selected posts will be duplicated right away.

This also provides you with the option of New Draft, where you can copy the page in WordPress and edit and republish it as a new piece. If you go to the settings of this plugin, you will find detailed settings for selecting what do you want to copy in the duplicate page or post. There are multiple checkboxes for the title, date status slug, and many others to select.

According to the official website of WordPress,https://wordpress.org/plugins, these duplicate posts have many useful settings for customizing their behavior and restricting their usage to certain roles or post types. You can Check out the extensive documentation on yoast.com and our developer docs.

Ratings: 5 Stars

Active Installations: 3+ Millions

Pricing: Free

Download Link

2. Duplicate Page

This plugin lets you Duplicate Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts, quite easily just by a single click. First, download and activate it, then you can duplicate your pages, posts, and custom post in one click.

When you hover the cursor over your desired post’s title, which you want to copy, it will show the option Duplicate this.

The unpaid version of this plugin provides you with further options to edit the post and then save the duplicated post as per your required options, as in draft, private, public, and pending. You can also change the duplicate post suffix from the settings of this plugin.

The pro version comes with more settings where you can manually select what to copy by checking the boxes of title, date, slug, status a few more options to choose from. You can either check all the boxes or check the selected ones. Furthermore, it also has a permission tab, where it asks you what roles of the page or post you want to copy in the duplicate ones. It also lets you chose the display of your duplicate post or page. So, you can download the simple or pro version according to your requirement of duplicating a page or post in WordPress.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Active Installations: 2+ Millions

Pricing:$15 (Pro Version)

Download Link

3. Duplicate Page and Post

This plugin enables you to duplicate pages and posts in WordPress with a single click. The plugin copies a page or post with all its original content without changing its content, title, or style.

First, you need to install this, and after activating the plugin, if you want to duplicate a page, then go to the page menu and select duplicate under the page title. And if you want to duplicate a post, go to the posts menu and select the duplicate option from hovering over the post title.

The duplicated post or page will appear as a new draft but with the same name and same SEO settings as the original one. You can change the name by simply editing the copy to rename it.

This plugin also provides you with detailed settings for copying the title prefix, suffix, date, and many other options to choose from. These settings are in the main menu bar with the name of Duplicate Post. Not under the settings menu.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Active Installations: 80,000+

Pricing: Free

Download Link

4. Post-Duplicator

This is a very easy-to-use plugin to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. First things first, you need to install it and then activate it for further usage. This extra tab of a duplicate post will appear under the post title by hovering the cursor over that particular post. Similarly, if you want to copy a page in WordPress, the same duplicate page tab will appear under the page’s title by hovering the cursor over it.

This plugin does not provide its setting panel in the setting menu or the plugin menu. Its settings are in the Tools, in the main menu bar. Hover the cursor over the Tools tab, and it will open a sub-menu in which there will be a post duplicator. Select that, and it will open further settings. Here you can change the post status, its type, title, and slug.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

Active Installations: 200,000+

Pricing: Free

Download Link


The crux of the discussion is that you can either copy a page or post in WordPress by editing the PHP file on your website or easily download any of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins: Yoast Duplicate Post, Duplicate Page, Duplicate Page, and Post or Post Duplicator.

WordPress provides many other duplicating page or post plugins; we have only discussed the most useful and trusted ones. You can also download and try any other plugin. These plugins have paid, and unpaid versions and both are useful. However, the paid version comes with additional settings and facilities. But the unpaid version can also do the task of duplicating the page or post along with all the SEO settings.