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WP-Pals is your go-to partner when you need high-end WordPress website maintenance and creation. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to keep your website up and running with the best features. We excel at offering excellent WordPress website support services that will give you the edge required to survive the competitive market. We prioritize perfection, elegance, intricacy, and, most of all, customer satisfaction.

Our Wide Range Of WordPress Website Maintenance Services

With our WordPress support maintenance services, we aim to provide perfection and utter customer satisfaction.

Website Audit

With our thorough site audits, we analyze different performance aspects of your WordPress site including loading speeds and crawlability etc.

Website Changes

We have a wide range of changes we can implement on your website, depending on what you need, whether it's new content, media, plugins, themes, features, or a simple CTA button. Our WP maintenance services emphasize website revamping.

Troubleshooting Issues

We focus on finding troubleshooting issues and fixing them in time. Our developers are on-hand to fix any issue you come across during quality assurance.

Mobile Optimization

Depending on what you need, whether it's new content, media, plugins, themes, features, or a simple CTA button. Our WP maintenance services include a wide range of changes we can implement on your site.

Security Updates

We ensure the security of your website and related data only gets better with time. We patch security exploits and fix any outdated systems so that you don't lose any data.

Plugin Updates & Integration

We also offer WordPress maintenance for the plugins and themes integrated into your website. The developers work to improve each plugin and remove any unwanted errors for a better user experience.

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Start Maintaining Your Site

The Best WordPress Maintenance Agency

At WP-Pals, your website isn’t a project for us; in fact, it’s a commitment we intend to fulfill for as long as you want us by your side. Our WordPress WordPress maintenance services are all about making your website dynamic and keeping it fresh

What Does Our Process Look Like?

Our WordPress website maintenance process is very straightforward and simple because we make sure to deliver your website as soon as possible. Every website we work on only requires five steps which are carried out to perfection.

Thorough Audit
The first step is to study the website and suggest a list of changes to make your website better

Once you approve the changes you need, we start implementing each change, i.e., advanced features, new plugins, and better themes.
In-Depth Testing
After the website is ready, we do in-depth testing on different browsers to ensure everything is in place and working smoothly.
Update Technicalities
We make sure your domain name, security measures, and website hosting service provider are all in-sync and up-to-date.
Website Launch
Now, you can enjoy your new website with the latest features and updates that give you an edge over the competitors.

Why Choose

We understand that as a business owner, you might have too much on your plate, which is what makes us your best partner. While you focus on enhancing your product catalog and increasing sales, you can leave your website to us. We offer website support like no other while you focus on other aspects of your brand.