Rounding Up The 8 Best Email Newsletter Plugins for WordPress For 2021

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Surely, having a WordPress email subscription plugin is vital for any sort of site. Once a user gives their email away – you can send them daily updates, promotional offers, or basically any message about your brand by leveraging an email subscription plugin.

It depends on the nature of your site. In the end, whether you own a WordPress blog, a celebrity website, or an academic site – having a WordPress newsletters plugin is essential!

Granted that you need a WordPress newsletter plugin for better engagement, how exactly do you convince someone to sign up? Now, this is the difficult part. Creators spend a lot of time curating content, trying to make it as appealing as possible. Just for higher engagements. Even after such effort, it’s difficult to grab someone’s attention. Let alone asking them to click on a WordPress email subscription popup.

So, How do You Convince Someone to Sign up for a WordPress Newsletter?

According to research, a WordPress email newsletter plugin counts as “spam” for most consumers. 70% of newsletters end up as spam. That is why users are hesitant and don’t sign up for newsletters. They don’t want their email flooded with irrelevant messages. To combat this issue, give a clear cut message on what your newsletter contains. For instance, “Subscribe and learn “How To Embed A YouTube Video” Or “Signup and find out How To Embed Pinterest Board on WordPress.”

So traditionally, there are different tactics when it comes to “clicking” on a newsletter plugin. Marketers emphasize on the “placement” of WordPress menu plugins. The subscription link can either be placed at the top of a site, on the side or anywhere in-between.

Placing a newsletter subscription link along these lines is the traditional way. It doesn’t get in-between the user’s viewing experience. This is known as the passive way of generating leads. It is less risky.

On the other hand, there’s a “newsletter popup for WordPress.” This is a relatively new way of advertising, and has attracted marketers. It’s an active way of generating leads. Here, marketers tend to be upfront. In fact, marketers have exploited this feature to such an extent that it’s annoying to a lot of consumers. If someone’s not familiar with your WordPress blog, or such, the least they want to see is a pop-up newsletter ad. Only a dedicated user who acknowledges the importance of your site might give away their email.

But how do you store these emails? And send out a scheduled newsletter? This is where WordPress newsletter plugins come into play! With an efficient email plugin – you can disperse your content to loyal customers, and a whole lot more!

Keep reading as we thoroughly discuss as to what is the best WordPress newsletter plugin for your website in 2020! So, choose wisely. Here’s a look at the top ten WordPress newsletter plugins!

1. Newsletter – Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter works just as conveniently as its name implies. Powered by WordPress, Newsletter is currently available for installation, and it’s absolutely free! Used by developers on more than 300,000 sites – it is a trustworthy name, indeed. Including fundamental features such as; distribution of content, automated newsletters send out, and lead segmentation.

Additionally, the plugin allows developers to choose from a wide range of email marketing options. You can either add a subscription form or a pop-up newsletter ad. To avoid getting in the “spam” folder, Newsletter provides a “Double opt-in subscriptions” feature as well.

Integrated with Spark Post and Maligun – the plugin gives great insights for business performance. Newsletter shows graphical notations, chart bar readings, and a brief overview of how well the site’s performing. It is highly recommended to utilize this free-to-use plugin. For more features, you may subscribe to a premium plan. It starts at $65 and includes support for autoresponders, WooCommerce and additional analytics.

2. OptinMonster – Popular Email Newsletter Plugin For WordPress

OptinMonster is a creative WordPress newsletter plugin that encompasses a “drag-and-drop” tool – allowing you to creatively build a form, or you can select from the thousands of pre-made templates available. Make your content more appealing by using OptinMonster’s A/B split testing and it’s trademark MonsterEffects feature.

To increase engagement of a user, OptinMonster included Exit Intent Technology as a part of their brand. This futuristic-like tool tracks the movement of users. Tracking every single mouse click, along with the number of times someone visits a site. From a marketing perspective, this salient feature is a must-have!

Overall, OptinMonster is a revered marketing tool. It is known for its state of the art plugin! Trusted by more than 700,000 WordPress site owners, it is has been in the business for seven years.

3. MailPoet – Best CRM Based Newsletter Plugin

Mailpoet is an easy-to-use, functional, WordPress newsletter plugin that will surely meet your business needs. Mailpoet allows you to import existing lists. There’s no need to select a new template. Easily pick-up a ready-made list from CRM, or any other plugin tool.

It can be used as a “free” software as long as your site has less than 2,000 subscribers. To accommodate more people, Mailpoet offers a premium plan. By subscribing to a premium-based plugin, you can have an understanding of how your customers behave. Get an inside look. With a $15 monthly payment, you’re basically getting an analytic look at the site’s traffic. Not a bad deal!

Mailpost offers three different delivery options: WordPress’s server, Mailpost’s own service, or a third-party SMTP server. All of these have different deliverability bugs. But you can choose which one suits you!

4. Icegram – Best Newsletters Plugin For Small Businesses

For basic, everyday needs – Icegram is perfect. For pop-up newsletters, there’s a wide variety of templates to choose from! it’s surprisingly rich for a “free” plugin. You can install it directly from WordPress’s database. To send an email across to subscribers, you may use any of these features to an advantage: lead gen forms, welcome bars, and opt-ins.

Although, unfortunately, Icegram lacks a “drag-and-drop” builder. You cannot build a custom-made template. Alongside, the interface can take a while to get a hang of. Icegram is contracted with major email marketing services, though. It integrates well with other services.

To access analytics such as; user behavior, exit intends targeting, and geotargeting – you’ll have to purchase a premium plan. Icegram Pro starts from $97, but for all the features, subscribe to the $147 version.

5. Thrive Leads – Email Newsletter Plugin With Unlimited Access

A reputable WordPress newsletter plugin, Thrive Leads has an exceptionally well-looking interface combined with all the fundamental requirements. If you want to skyrocket customer engagement rates, using a plugin by Thrive Themes is utmost important, if not necessary.

Combined with multiple-choice forms, full-screen overlays, and pop-up templates – it has a lot to offer. Performs well without any hindrances in the way. Thrive Leads has a signature “A/B testing” feature. Here, you can test out a different design, or any content idea and be the better judge. Basically, before making any actual changes, you may use “A/B testing.”

Pay a one-time fee of $67 and get unlimited access! Or you can purchase a $19 monthly membership. Whichever works best for you! A sub-variant of Thrive Themes, this tool was specifically designed as a plugin.

6. Ninja Popups – Feature Rich WordPress Plugin For Emailing Newsletters

As surprising as the name may sound, it works exactly like its name. Ninja Popups is a fast and resilient plugin. One of the most popular WordPress newsletter plugins known, it will definitely not disappoint. You can install the tool right now! It’s available at one of WordPress’s stores; CodeCanyon. The company claims that it’ll increase more than 700% of your email subscribers. That’s a high-profile claim but it is true to an extent.

As far as the features are concerned, Ninja Popups has a “drag-and-drop” tool for creative purposes. Also, there’s an opt-in locker and social locker feature – easily control settings of your content. Other notable characteristics include support for A/B testing, built-in analytics, widget area opt-in forms, and opt-in bars.

Surprisingly, Ninja Popups collaborated with a lot of CRMs and email marketing services. It is free-to-use for most features, while the premium package costs $26. It is comparatively cheaper and works just as efficiently.

7. Hustle – Best Email Newsletter Plugin For Lead Generation

Hustle is a modern-day, creative plugin that is known for its pop-up animations, responsive pop-ups, and otherwise brilliant designs. If you have a creative WordPress Blog, install this plugin ASAP! Supporting email marketing, lead generation, and any sort of targeted advertising – Hustle is a business-oriented plugin.

To grow your site’s mailing list – use Hustle’s opt-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, shortcodes, and widgets. Using all these with a proper strategy will help your WordPress Blog in the long run. Since pop-ups are generally frowned upon, Hustle took notice of this and included a range of behavior triggers. Integrated with other form builders such as; Forminator – it is inclusive to other services as well.

Although, all the pop-up forms, animation templates are limited. To have unlimited access, you can subscribe to a premium subscription. In Hustle PRO, you get all the features and even additional ones at a prize. For $49 a month, it’s a fair deal! Upgrade right now!

8. Mailster – Cheap WordPress Email Newsletters Plugin

If compared to its counterparts, Mailster is a relatively cheaper option. And it doesn’t compromise on quality as well. Designed as a simple newsletter service – it handles all sorts of processes; creation, management, and sending.

Wrapping Up:

Here’s us wrapping our list for the 8 best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For 2020! Are you planning on using anyone of them soon? Let us know!