What Is White Label? Why Do You Need To White Label WordPress services?

wordpress white labels

So what is the White label? Most of us are familiar with the term, but very few understand the actual idea behind it since it is used quite interchangeably. Don’t worry; we’ll keep it simple for you in this piece.

So let’s begin.

What Is White Label?

The term white label means to remove the name and logo of the actual brand from a product and use the name requested by the purchasing company.

Let us explain white labeling with an example.

Suppose you go to a famous store like Walmart. You’d find many products that will provide more value than you’d expect. Even though most of these products are sold under Walmart’s name, do you think Walmart produces them?

A big NO! The companies white label their products under Walmart’s name and sell them more valuable than what they sell in their actual packaging.

Another great example of white labeling could be found in white-label websites where a company typically outsources their development project to another company that builds it. In the end, the name of that company is removed, and it is given to the company that has bought those services.

The process of implementing this white label design on websites is known as white labeling websites. But this doesn’t end here. There are multiple White label WordPress services like fixing the white screen of death error.

Now that you have a clear idea of what is white label. Here’s a rundown of how white label digital marketing works. Let’s get into this.

How Does White Label WordPress Work?

If you’re trying to compare white label WordPress with other white label products, let me tell you that it is quite different from just purchasing a white-labeled product and checking out of the store.

In the white label WordPress services, you technically purchase white label services from a company and sell them under your name to the customers.

A good example of Whit label WordPress services could be white label content. Here, you outsource content marketing services for a WordPress site, and once it is done, you sell it to your customers under your name.

How Does White Label Services Work For Us In Particular?

Companies out there provide white label services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media marketing, and online reputation building. Still, these companies’ problem is that they only let you act as the middlemen between them and the consumers and do the back-end work. However, we believe on the contrary and to provide you a better experience.

How we work at WP Pals is that we do all the front-end work and let your clients talk to the professional working on your project only. In simpler words, we’re set up to white label WordPress services to your clients under the name of your brand.

Why Do You Need To White Label Your WordPress Services

Branding Gets Much Easier

When you outsource your WordPress services for white labeling, you free from the hassle of all the work, research, and gathering technical knowledge. All the work is to be done by a white label company, and you’ll get a ready-made solution to present to your clients under your brand’s name.

Companies that offer white label WordPress services are often rich with customizing techniques to help you with easy branding without much effort.

More Services To Offer Your Clients

Your agency may lack in different areas. As an example, we’ll take updating a WordPress site. When you outsource a website for white labeling, you can utilize that agency’s expertise in the field and offer your clients regular maintenance of the website.

This boils down to the point that there’s a lot you can offer to a client if you opt for white labeling.

It Saves Your Time

People today have short attention spans. If you spend too much time carrying out procedures, your consumers are more likely to look for a better and quicker alternative to your company. Once you opt for white labeling, your tasks could be accomplished in a matter of days instead of weeks.

All you have to do is receive new projects while labeling them and earning a reputation in the market.

White Labelling Is Cost-Effective

Customized web development is a time-consuming process that involves quite a lot of factors, including design, development, architecture, and testing, etc. You may not always have the resources to work on custom solutions from scratch. Moreover, these customizations would require you to work for weeks, ultimately increasing the project’s overall cost.

When you outsource your website for white labeling, all the work is to be done under one roof at a one-time cost. This would automatically reduce down your costs and increase the rate of revenue.

Opportunity To Add More Value

You won’t often see people talking about this, but by opting for a white label solution, you can create more support documents for the product with your branding on them.

In the case of a WordPress site, the site’s dashboard could be used to link back on the support documents page or the support video itself.

You Can Focus More On Sales

Now this one is perhaps the biggest why reason why many people opt for white labeling WordPress sites. You can focus more on increasing your sales while your product is under development. This would ultimately help you open up new streams of revenue.

Moreover, your white label service provider can even talk to your customers first handedly under your brand’s name. This would cast you out as an expert in your job side-by-side, saving your valuable time.

How To Choose The Right Agency For WordPress White Labelling?

Developing a white label WordPress could be a great choice if you’re planning to increase your sales. However, choosing the right agency is quite crucial. Here are some good white labeling agencies that you need to look for when hiring a white label partner.

Experience Qualification

One of the greatest qualities of a good white label agency is that they’ve qualified professionals for each job. They’ve worked in different niches, and they’re best at what they do. They’re equipped with multidiscipline professionals who’re great at problem-solving. Undoubtedly, problem-solving skills are the wealthiest asset that an organization could have.

If you find such an agency, then that is the one you need to go for as it can handle your project from the initial stage till the development phase and even beyond that.

Third-Party Credibility

A white label agency’s credibility and trustworthiness are quite crucial to check out before your partner with it. The reason behind this is quite simple yet critical. The agency is responsible for bringing your clients’ ideas to life with their website. If they mess it up, ultimately, it would affect your credibility in the market.

You can judge their credibility and trustworthiness in the market by checking out what their clients have to say about them. Check out their customer testimonials to see if they had a great experience with the team or not. Moreover, a credible agency would regularly update you about all the progress and updates they’ve made in the project.

Modern Technology Stack

The world is moving fast, and you can’t really handover your project to an agency that is still using old means of technology in terms of software and tools. A great white labeling agency would always be equipped with the modern technology stack, including all the tools and software required to build up your project.

To ensure that they’re up to date, you can check out their recent projects and see whether they’re implementing the latest technology protocols in their projects or not. If you can’t find anything closer to the latest trends, you know what to do.


As I’ve mentioned earlier, a good white label company would have worked in different niches and faced off with all the possible tactics that might appear during your site’s development.

Have a look at their portfolio and see whether they’ve already worked on a project or niche same as yours. If this is the case, you can definitely go for that agency as they’re already prepared to face the challenges that might appear during the development. In case of the contrary, you can look for another agency that has the experience in your niche.


Now you know what White Labelling actually means and how the term applies in the context of WordPress sites. If you find an agency that can build up the project better than you, don’t hesitate to hire them for the job. A good white label agency would definitely help you build a strong and reliable online presence and boost your reputation in the market.

So don’t shy away, and go for the white label now!.