Listing Down The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes


As a top-rated website design and development agency, our technical staff here at WP-Pals believes that Minimalist themes on WordPress are a great choice for creating your blog.

The most relevant reason for this; WordPress minimalist themes are quite a great way to keep your readers focused because they’re generally designed for a very clean and simple look.

While the best WordPress Minimalist themes include

  1. Monochrome Pro
  2. Hestia
  3. Gallery Pro
  4. Elegant
  5. Divi

Here’s a brief overview of What WordPress minimalist themes are.

What Are WordPress Minimalist Themes?

Basically, WordPress minimalist themes are a kind of clean and low on design elements WordPress themes are created with simplicity in mind.

Simply put, WordPress minimalist theme includes minimal and simple design effects and aesthetics.

These designs are especially suited for websites that require reading content such as blogs or even photographs.

An Ideal WordPress minimalist website design should be

  • Fully responsive.
  • Relevant to your product type and industry.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Offering support.
  • SEO friendly.

Now that you have a clear idea of what a WordPress minimalist theme is. Let’s move down to our final point – Listing Down The Best Minimalist WordPress Themes.

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5 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes To Consider For Your Website

1.    Monochrome Pro


No.1 on our list of best WordPress minimalist themes is Monochrome Pro.

It’s a very cleanly designed theme with a number of customization options that you can leverage as per your needs.

It costs about $129.95.


  1. It supports automatic uploading of sample demo content.
  2. Includes a theme customizer for you to tweak design and color settings.
  3. Supports WooCommerce so that you can easily set up an online store on your website.


2.    Hestia


Hestia is yet another best WordPress minimalist theme that comes with a modern and flexible design that you can leverage as per your needs.

Apart from a simple website, you can typically use it for any kind of website due to its ease of access.

It costs about $69.


  1. Speed-oriented for better and seamless performance.
  2. Page builder compatibility for easier page setup.
  3. WooCommerce design ready for quick Ecommerce integration.


3.    Gallery Pro


With stunning typography and posh feel; Gallery Pro is a perfect example of a sophisticated, yet minimalist WordPress theme.

It costs about $129.95.


  1. Multiple widget areas for better accessibility.
  2. Real-time reviews for more efficient page building.
  3. Custom background images, colors, and content for personalization.


4.    Elegant


Elegant is another great addition to our list of best WordPress minimalist themes. It is a multipurpose theme that is best suited for websites that are content-focused.

It costs for about $59.


  1. Custom backgrounds.
  2. 100% responsive with mobile devices.
  3. includes page templates for easier setups.


5.    Divi


Who doesn’t know the Divi. It is a highly popular theme that if used correctly, could easily prove itself as the best WordPress minimalist theme.

The awesome drag and drop approach for building makes it one of the easiest themes to work with.

Divi costs about $89.


  1. save the custom layout for reusability.
  2. A/B split testing for better analysis.
  3. Visual drag and drop approach for easier page building.

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There you go, mentioned above were the best WordPress minimalist themes that you can leverage to create your WordPress blog without any hassle.

Now that you’re ready to choose your perfect WordPress minimalist theme, it’s time to choose the best WordPress design and development company to build your website.


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