The 15 Website Headers That Will Inspire You Within Minutes

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The first thing a customer sees is the website header design when they visit an online store. Website headers are an important part of your website because they create the first impression and act as a great marketing technique.

Imagine you walk into a store and see a sales section and new arrivals section. Which section will attract you more? The slashed prices, of course, because who doesn’t enjoy a good discount?

Much like the banners at a physical store, the header serves the same purpose.

You can use your website’s header as a way to keep the visitors on your website a little longer.

Your users expect that headers for websites will tell them all they need to know to stay on a website, which is why it’s crucial you get that right.

Now I know there are many things you can do such as changing the WordPress fonts and all… and it’s hard to pick the right one, and that’s why I’ve collaborated a list of the best website headers. You can use the following list to get inspiration to create your own header.

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The 15 Inspiring Website Headers In 2021

It’s no surprise that customers will only scroll through your website if they see something as per their interest. They will only want to look further if you have cool website headers with compelling text.

Your website header design needs to be a perfect balance between text and images; the two should complement each other. Here are some examples you can use to make creative website headers and nail this job.

Once you have a look at this list, you’ll realize how easily you can do website header designing.

1. Slack – Typography-based Headers

SlackImage Source: Slack

The first website header on my list is from an up-and-coming business communication platform that offers some great features for organizations. The Slack website header is on this list because it focuses on using the best kind of fonts to entice customers to explore the website more.

While they have a few faces on them, the more attractive feature of the header is the typography and the content that compliments it.

2. Ana-Santos – Real-life Headers

Ana santos

Image Source: Ana-santos

Ana-Santos is a Toronto-based real estate agency that helps locals find their dream homes for the last few years. Why are their sliding banners creative website headers? Because they chose to showcase what they do, which leaves less to the imagination for visitors. Right off the bat, the cool website headers show snaps taken from some of their properties, which gives a homely feel. When visitors look at these headers, they will know what kind of properties to expect from Ana-Santos. That’s a great marketing strategy.

3.Green Mountain Energy–Animated Headers

Green mountainImage Source: Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy is a firm that specializes in supplying clean electricity. As we know, one of the hottest topics these days is saving energy, reducing waste, and dismissing plastic to save our environment.

The website header might just look like an animated picture slapped on the website; however, that’s not all. When you visit the website, you’ll see the header has a video embedded which explains the effects of pollution and the pros of using clean electricity. The header shows an animated house and some windmills to create awareness about generating electricity in a “greener” way.

4.Pierre’s – Sliding Headers

pierresImage Source: Pierre’s

Sliding headers for websites have been trendy for quite some time now. More and more brands prefer using multiple headers to market their best products or services. In fact, now we have sliders that change automatically every few seconds.

Pierre’s is a famous ice cream brand that has uniquely incorporated slider headers. The brand’s website gives its visitors complete control over changing the header on their own. Now, visitors can experience something different.

5.Le 28 – Video Header

ScreenshotImage Source: Le 28

Another one of the cool website headers is the ones with videos. Many websites have started adopting video banners for their banners to attract users to their website.

Le 28 has done this beautifully. The banner starts playing as soon the website loads, and the restaurant markets the ambiance it offers the customers. The video appears to be playing in the background with the content in front that changes as per the restaurant timings.

6. Glamour – Content-based Header


Image Source: Glamour

There are some websites that users visit specifically for reading fresh and new content, especially if it’s a fashion magazine website or a website showing celebrity lives.

Glamour is a website that uploads fresh content every day based on recent events in any celebrity’s life. The website changes its headers with fresh topics every other day to entice users into reading their articles. Their website headers are all about hot and trendy topics, and they don’t need to add anything else because the users know what the website is about.

7. Tekrevol – Full Page Header


Image Source: Tekrevol

There was a time when half-page headers were the trend, but now we see more websites with large headers – those headers are known as full-page headers. A full-page header is a banner covering the top part of the first page completely of a website, and the users can see more content as they scroll down further.

Tekrevol has not one but three different full-page headers, and each header talks about a different product or service.

8. Gucci – Picture-based Headers


Image Source: Gucci

Who doesn’t know Gucci? It’s a famous and one of the longest-running brands for fashion and beauty, and it has been around for decades.

The Gucci website emphasizes unique header designs that show models using their products instead of the actual products.

9. Apple – Product-based Headers

Image Source: Apple

Apple is one of the most famous technological companies that has won the hearts of many around the world in a short time.

The technological company is famous for its smartphone, the iPhone. Now, because their smartphone is the most sold device, their website header designs emphasize the product. They use less text and make sure the maximum focus is on their products.

10.BuzzFlick – Gif-based Headers


Image Source: BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a famous video creation company that excels at creating animated videos for brands around the globe. Because the company focuses on producing videos, they’ve made sure to make their headers unique and colorful.

Their headers are a combination of fun, short gif and exciting colors that grab the visitor’s attention. The website header design is enough to motivate a customer to get into business with them. Go on, visit their website to see their gif headers. Oh, and another thing, BuzzFlick is one of the websites with large headers or full-page headers.

11. Adidas – Vibrant Color Headers


Image Source: Adidas

Adidas is a worldwide famous brand for high-end and amazing footwear. Who isn’t familiar with their top-quality shoes? If you’re familiar with the products, you also know their USP is selling extraordinary designs. They make sure the shoes are comfortable yet trendy-looking.

That’s exactly what their cool website headers showcase as well. The headers focus on the products along with vibrant colors that beg for your attention. The use of neon and bright colors makes the overall website look and feel playful.

12.Netflix – CTA Headers


Image Source: Netflix

There are website header designs that focus on products; some focus on colors, and others on the text and typography. With that said, there are some websites that focus on CTA’s more than anything else.

Netflix is a great example of a CTA-focused website header design. The website uses a full-page header with a handful of words and an eye-catching CTA to get the job done.

13.  Wild Side Design – Illustration-based Headers


Image Source: Wild Slide Design

I think headers with illustrations are one of the best website headers out there. They’re neat, clean, and based on minimal design.

Wild Slide Design is a full-fledged studio that crafts exceptional designs to tell a brand story. And that’s exactly what they have done with their homepage header design. They combined the art of pencil-like drawing and minimal colors to create a clean and easy-to-read banner that is captivating and engaging. If you further browse the website, you’ll find that the illustration style is used all over the website.

14.  Together For Animals – Emotion-based Headers


Image Source: Together For Animals

Is marketing really done right if there are no emotions attached to it? Many charities like Together For Animals use emotions to create the best website headers.

As per the header, the organization used a compelling and heartfelt caption, combined with a short paragraph about what they do, and to top it off, and they used an adorable picture. The main essence of the header is the picture itself; when a visitor sees the picture, they will be drawn to the NGO and want to read further. If you want to attract donations for a good cause, your website header design should focus on emotional and heartfelt content.

15.  Teamgeek – HeadersWith A Twist


Image Source: Teamgeek

Okay, the Teamgeek website header design is one of the most creative website headers in this entire list. It’s very unique from all the other headers that I’ve mentioned, which is why I saved it for the last.

On the surface, it looks like the header is nothing but a faded-out image of beer glasses; however, you’ll know what the header really is when you visit the website. Teamgeek’s header has a little “glitchy” twist to it when you hover over the website, the header glitches that attract visitors into staying on the website.

In Conclusion

As the list suggests, you can choose and recreate numerous kinds of website header designs for your brand. Creative website headers need to have a strategy behind them, and when your designer team has a clear idea, they can create better website headers that grab a visitor’s attention.

So, I hope my list of cool website headers gives you the inspiration you need to build your own website header design. Good luck with website headers! Also, read our amazing articles on subjects like Changing WordPress Footers and Changing WordPress Fonts for a better understanding of WordPress.