12 Best Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store in 2022

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While Shopify maintains its position as one of the most accessible and diverse platforms for Ecommerce management, it is often misunderstood as a platform where you just create a store and list your products.

Luckily, there’s more to this amazing platform than just selling products. Shopify is home to many amazing features and mini-apps that you can leverage to streamline and enhance your sales and marketing processes and to make your consumers’ shopping experience a top-notch one.

Lucky for you, in this read, we’re going to discuss some of the best Shopify apps that you need to leverage in 2022 for making the store’s experience the best in class.

Let’s begin.

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Best Shopify Marketing Apps

omnisend shopify marketing app

#1 Omnisend Email Marketing

When it comes to selling online, nobody can deny the importance of Email marketing. In simpler words, Email marketing for ecommerce is a must from the standpoint of increasing the overall customer base, sales revenue, and boosting customer loyalty.

The best tool for Email marketing for your Shopify store is none other than the Omnisend. Lucky for you, it’s not your ordinary emailing tool but much more than that.

One of the most notable features from Omnisend includes the segmentation of your audience which allows you to segment each user based on their buyer journey and behaviors.

The direct benefit from it comes around the fact that it improves the overall buying experience of the consumers and encourages those who have abandoned their carts to complete the transactions as well.

Luckily, the app comes with a free trial version that you can leverage before you go for the premium one.

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optinmonster shopify marketing

#2 OptinMonster

While OptinMonster brags their emailing tool to instantly maximize your email list growth, if used properly, this amazing email marketing tool can actually increase the growth of your email list and ultimately the sales too.

OptinMonster comes with premade templates of emails for each stage of the buying funnel. All you need to do here is to customize those templates based on your store and products’ tone to create an entire campaign and it’ll do the wonders for you.

Luckily OptinMonster starts at a very competitive price of $9 per month which goes up to $49 based on the package and features you require.

Sumo marketing

#3 Sumo

While it may sound weird, But Sumo is a Shopify marketing tool that only charges when you start getting more customers. But that’s not the only good thing about it.

Other than the regular email marketing features, one unique feature here is that you get to create customized Sumo discount codes that you can share with your audience in order to attract more consumers and boost your sales.

Best Shopify Customer Loyalty Apps

Loyalty & Referrals

#1 Swell Loyalty & Rewards

No.1 on our list is the Swell Loyalty & Rewards app as it allows you to reward your customers based on their loyalty. Moreover, the app could be integrated with platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Facebook to boost its effectiveness.

Other than that, if you’ve got any less than 100 orders per month, the amazing app is completely free for you to use.

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smile.io marketing

#2 Smile.io

For most of the Shopify store owners, Smile.io is quite a familiar name and that has a good reason for that. To date, it is considered as one of the most popular and top Shopify apps for Customer loyalty; having a rating of 4.7 stars.

One of the notable features includes a points program that rewards customers based on their loyalty points – making your work much more efficient. Other great features include the VIP program for VIP customers and referral programs.

The free plan from Smile.io comes with more than 10 different ways of rewarding your customers. If you want to leverage more features, there are three different competitively priced plans as well.


#3 Loyalty Lion

As its name suggests, Loyalty Lion is a Shopify Customer loyalty app that you can leverage to boost your customer loyalty. It does it in a number of ways which include rewarding customers for signups, purchases, social media engagement, and much more.

The amazing customer-oriented app comes with a free plan covering 800 orders per month. For more than that, you can choose one of their paid plans.

Best Shopify SEO Apps

seo image optimizer

#1 SEO Image optimizer

When it comes to the Ecommerce store, you need to optimize like crazy in order to stand out among the dense competition.  And the key area to optimize an Ecommerce store is the images since they play a key role in purchase decisions.

SEO Image Optimizer is a Shopify app that is listed No.1 among the SEO apps for Shopify for its effectiveness in the areas of Image SEO. One of the key features includes setting up a standard size of images that you upload on your store; to ensure that your page loading times are always up to the mark.

Moreover, the free plan from this tool allows you to leverage all the basic image SEO techniques. If you want to make good use of additional features like meta tag optimization, fixing broken links etc., then you can always upgrade to the premium version of this tool.

Bulk Product Edit & CSV Import

#2 Bulk Product Edit & CSV Import

You can quickly tell this one the name. Bulk Product Edit is a top-tier SEO tool from Shopify that you can leverage to optimize listings in bulk rather than doing it individually. This significantly improves the pace of your work while maintaining quality.

The best part about this app is that even the free version allows you to optimize bulk listings with no limits. You only have to go for a paid version if you want to take advantage of other additional SEO features.

#3 SEO Manager

SEO Manager is hands down among the top Shopify SEO tools that allow you to conduct all the SEO practices semi-automatically.

The app allows you to scan listings for SEO value and provide you with suggestions accordingly.

Moreover, it connects your store with the search console, identifies 404 errors, structures your data, and much more with minimal effort required.

This highly effective tool comes at a very cheap price of $20 per month.

To Wrap Up

Ecommerce market is dense, and you need all the right tools in order to stand on top of this abyss. While the Shopify apps mentioned above would significantly improve your overall experience but there are many other areas of Ecommerce that you need to look out for in order to stand out. To further enhance your Ecommerce performance, have a look at our other pieces such as the ‘Ecommerce Website Redesign in 2022’ and ‘Optimizing Your Magento Store With These 7 Easy Steps