How To Easily Reinstall A WordPress Plugin In 2 Minutes

reinstall WordPress plugin

The easiest way to reinstall a plugin on WordPress is by first deleting and then reinstalling it from the plugins directory.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of plugin reinstallation in WordPress.

Step#1. Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and click on the Installed Plugins.

Step#2. Navigate to the plugin that you want to reinstall and click on the Deactivate button.

Step#3. Click on the Delete button to remove the plugin completely.

Step#4. To reinstall the plugin, go to the Plugins section of your dashboard and click on the Add New button.

Step#5. Now search for the plugin that you’ve previously uninstalled. Once you find it, click on Install Now and then click on the Activate button. (Note that if you can’t the required plugin in the directory, you can manually upload the plugin zip by clicking on the Upload Plugin button).

Using this method, you can easily reinstall the plugin on WordPress in two minutes. Although it is worth noting that this method is effective if you have access to your admin dashboard.

Suppose you don’t have access to your admin dashboard, you can still reinstall the plugin on WordPress using the FTP (Files Transfer Protocol).

Here’s how.

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Reinstall Plugin On WordPress Using FTP (Files Transfer Protocol)

Using the FTP or any file manager in the cPanel can also help you reinstall a plugin, however, this method requires you to have some technical knowledge.

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By following this rundown of steps mentioned below, you shouldn’t have any troubles going through the process.

Step#1. Connect to the FTP server using the FTP or File manager.

Step#2. Go to the root folder where your WordPress is installed i.e. public_html or www.

Step#3. Go to the wp-content folder and find the plugins folder.

Step#4. Navigate to the plugin that you want to reinstall and delete it. You can also rename it to create a backup on the server.

Step#5. Now download the zip file for a plugin that you wanted to reinstall.

Step#6. Now upload this zip file into the plugins folder of your FTP or File Manager.

Step#7. Right-click on the plugin zip file and extract it.

Step#8. Delete the plugin zip file after it is extracted.

Step#9. Now go to the WP Admin and activate the plugin in the Plugins section.

There you go. By following these methods, you can easily reinstall the plugins on WordPress anytime you want.

However, to avoid any potential mishap, it is recommended to conduct such tasks while your WordPress website is in maintenance mode. Here’s a complete guide on how to put your WordPress into Maintenance mode.