The Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugins & Themes (Free & Paid)


If you own a WordPress-based website, the chances are you’re well aware of what’s coming your way pretty soon.

WordPress is a famous content management system (CMS) that uses PHP as its core programming language with a combination of MySQL.The software is a great option for building websites and online blogs.

The software was launched in 2003, and it has become a popular choice for creating and publishing websites. The websites are fully featured, and they can run on any web browser. A WordPress website doesn’t require any coding, which makes it easy for anyone to create a website.

Since 2003, WordPress has come a long way. There have many modifications to make the CMS better, and it has gone through many transformations. The WordPress we know today is quite different from the first version.

And with the ever-changing WordPress, there is much to be excited about.

Today, in this article, I’m going to talk about all the good coming soon WordPress themes and plugins that are exciting and amazing.

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The Coming Soon WordPressPluginsAnd Themes

The widely used CMS offers a wide array of plugins and themes to its users; however, the newer versions always come with more options.

Let’s look at the list of some of the best WP coming soon plugins and themes.

1.CMP– Plugin

CMP is a maintenance mode coming soon WordPress plugin available to all WordPress users for free. The plugin will be easy to navigate and integrate for any user. The plugin is compatible with any device and theme used on a WordPress-based website.

The features of the plugin:

  • Users can add images, use different patterns, explore more color options, and integrate video backgrounds.
  • It will allow you to add icons of the social media pages you run for your business.
  • You can integrate Google Analytics to track website performance.
  • You can enable CMP on specific pages, as you please.
  • Price: CMP is available for

2.Vangard– Theme

One of the most anticipated WordPress coming soon themes is the Vangard theme. The ready-made theme is a great choice for freelancers and small-scale agencies. It also comes with a coming soon template that you can use on your website. The template also comes with a timer that you can use to create curiosity in your audience while you update your website.

The features of the theme are:

  • It has an optional timer that users can display on the page.
  • The menu can be used to link to other parts of the website or content.
  • Uses can customize the theme and pages as they please.
  • It also comes with email opt-in forms, CTA buttons, etc.
  • According to your requirements, you can implement the theme all over or on specific parts of the website.
  • Price: Vangard is a paid theme that’s available for $75.


SeedProd is a plugin that will make all your worries go away. The coming soon WordPress plugin is the best website page builder, and you can create any webpage using it. You can create maintenance or coming soon page easily, and the social media button options can help your brand go viral prior to the launch.

The features of the plugin are:

  • It can be used to create any kind of webpage.
  • It has 100+ webpage templates and 20+ blocks that aid in building webpages.
  • The custom and pre-made webpages are integrated with a responsive design.
  • You can integrate a countdown timer.
  • Add full-screen video backgrounds.
  • You can pick your favorite images from 2+ million options.
  • Price: The plugin starts at $79/year with a 14-day refund.

4.Ignite Up–Plugin

Ignite Up is another coming soon WordPress plugin that also has a maintenance mode plugin. It’s equipped with seven different templates that are part of the free version. The templates can be set up within a few minutes and clicks.

The features of the plugin are:

  • Users can show their website is under construction to specific users using secret URLs or whitelisting.
  • You can add or integrate subscription forms.
  • Easily export email subscriber list.
  • The premium version offers video backgrounds.
  • Price: Ignite Up is available for free, and the premium versions range between $3.99 and $13.99.


Rabbit is a minimalistic design coming soon WordPress theme, which looks sleek and professional. The theme has more features than other themes. Rabbit is a definite must-try for freelancers and agencies. You can create interactive and attractive coming soon landing pages.

The features of the theme are:

  • It allows you to add additional features to the entire website.
  • Users can integrate YouTube videos as video background on landing pages.
  • It comes with a countdown timer.
  • Rabbit allows you to show some basic information about your brand.
  • You can add external links to your landing page as well.
  • The theme is highly customizable and comes with an editor plugin that makes it easy.
  • Price: The theme is available for a low price of $29.


Kallyas is a multi-purpose customizable coming soon WordPress theme with a huge library of coming soon landing pages. The theme supports websites like e-commerce websites, blogs, etc. Kallyas is worth having in your collection of themes and plugins.

The features of the theme are:

  • It has a one-click tool that assists in building any type of website conveniently.
  • It comes with a countdown timer.
  • Allows the users to integrate their social media pages.
  • Users can customize every inch of the website.
  • Kallyas comes with an array of features and functionalities.
  • The theme has a drag and drop tool to build webpages easily.
  • The theme will help you create a proper website, and it’s more than just a coming soon theme.
  • Price: The theme is available for $69.

7. WP Maintenance Mode–Plugin

As the name suggests, WP Maintenance Mode is a WP coming soon plugin available for free to the general public for use. The plugin can be easily added to the coming soon or maintenance landing page of any website. The plugin is highly customizable and compatible with various coming soon WordPress themes.

The features of the plugin are:

  • The plugin allows you to add a timer, subscription form, and other features to the coming soon landing page.
  • The customization tools include changing the color palettes, moving around images, or switching between various fonts and texts.
  • You can integrate the WP plugin with your current WordPress theme in a few clicks.
  • Price: The plugin is 100% free to use.

8. Landing–Theme

Landing is another WordPress coming soon theme, which is one of the premium ones. The theme is a high-level option for large-scale businesses that need utmost sophistication and numerous options.

The features of the theme are:

  • The theme lets the user modify the header design as they please.
  • It has 25+ built-in WordPress coming soon landing pages and templates.
  • Users can easily add their logo to the template within seconds.
  • Users can add a countdown timer, email subscriber form, or integrate a third-party email form like Mailchimp.
  • Price: The theme has no free version, and the paid version starts at $59.

9. Divi–Plugin & Theme

Divi is one of my personal favorites that I also suggest to my friends and family. It’s a two-in-one deal; a WP coming soon plugin and a theme. It’s a great WordPress tool to integrate existing coming soon pages or building one easily.

The features of the plugin and theme are:

  • It features a drag and drop tool, which makes webpage building easy.
  • It has 49 different content modules that come with their own features and functionalities.
  • Uses can customize every part of the webpage.
  • It offers some coming soon layouts free of cost; all you have to do is import.
  • Price: It’s not available for free; however, the one-time payment plans start at $89 per year and go up to $249 per year.


Woody is an extraordinary and stylish WordPress coming soon theme that is sure to entice your audience. It comes with one layout for a coming soon webpage, which brands or freelancers can customize according to their requirements.

The features of the theme are:

  • The theme can be personalized and use as it is.
  • You can easily edit the placeholder text field and place it anywhere.
  • It has a wide library of background display modes.
  • Users can add animations and different transition effects.
  • The theme also comes with the option to add a personalized slide show of images and videos.
  • It includes the WPBakery Page Builder so you can take complete control of your webpage design.
  • It has numerous text fields to add content.
  • Price: There is no free version of Woody; however, the premium version of the WordPress coming soon theme is available for a low price of $29.

In Conclusion

Okay, I’m sure you’re confused about which coming soon WordPress theme or plugin is the best fit for your brand because all the options seem great. And they are great.

I can’t pick a favorite either because all the themes and plugins assist very well in building webpages and coming soon landing pages. However, your best bet is picking the one you can afford for now and then switching to a premium one like Rabbit.

If you choose one of the free plugins and themes, it doesn’t mean they’re any less than the paid ones. The free ones also come with numerous templates and layouts to create a fantastic coming soon landing page.

I hope the comprehensive article will help you pick the right theme or plugin for your website. If you need more assistance, the WP Pals customer representatives are one message away!