Convert Your WordPress Website Into A Mobile App With These 4 Top Plugins

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It’s 2020, and finally, more businesses are looking into portable means of usage. We’re way past typical websites, and mobile applications are the norm now. A WordPress mobile app will do wonders for you. Whether you have a blog, an educational site, a business directory, or any other business.

And luckily, you’re not alone. In fact, most brands are deviating towards a WP app – it’s far more beneficial from a consumer’s perspective. Apps can convey your brand’s message in a more vibrant, clear way. There’s only a limited of information you can show on an app’s home page and that helps your brand stay concise and to-the-point.

Now, how to turn a website into an app? Well, we’re assuming that you already have a well-established WordPress site that needs to go through a “platform” change, per se. So easily convert a website to a mobile app by using WordPress mobile plugins. There’s not much depth to it, contrary to popular myth. All you need is a functioning plugin that will convert your website to a mobile-friendly app.

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Why Create a Mobile App For Your Website?

Apps are the norm and are easy-going for sure but, are there any other reasons you should opt for WordPress mobile plugins and go through even a bit of hassle? To be honest, yes. It’s worth it.

Stats support mobile apps – both iOS and Android. In fact, most of your WordPress site’s traffic most likely use mobile phones. Furthermore, you can alert users through an app – send notifications and continuously stay in contact. It’s only appropriate you shift towards mobile apps. Users are mostly on-the-go and “speed” matters a lot so, create a responsive UI as well.

For UI, you can always use themes. Find the best theme app for iPhone, or any other device by going through WordPress’s extensive library. A WooCommerce(theme-based) mobile app is highly recommended.

How to turn a website into an app? You can create an app from scratch. Go to a programmer and spend thousands of dollars, or simply use a mobile plugin for a fraction of the cost. The latter is suitable unless you have a high budget. For most, a plugin will do wonders. Although using plugins isn’t as easy as simply applying a theme – one needs expertise in WordPress (how it works). So before installing any mobile plugin, make sure that you’re familiar with advanced WordPress tactics.

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Top 4 WordPress Plugins

With all being said, let’s breakdown 4 WordPress mobile plugins that we think you should look at. Rest assured, they have been thoroughly reviewed by us and won’t disappoint you for sure!

  1. MobiLoud

A web to apk converterMobiLoud can help you create a mobile app through a WordPress site. MobiLoud caters to iOS users as well. Easily shift towards mobile apps by using MobiLoud’s efficient interface. MobiLoud claims to be a “done-for-you” plugin, helping you make create an app. Furthermore, the plugin makes sure that your app is up-to standards; monetization is enabled and taken care of. While building a native app, look at the customizable options you have! As MobiLoud allows owners to set-up custom tags, pages, links, and add media.

Salient Features of MobiLoud:

  • Specifically designed to handle high-traffic on your site/WP app
  • Taking care of the entire process; building the app and eventually publishing it on Apple and Google Play Store
  • Shows a detailed analysis of a user’s data. App usage details are powered by Google and Firebase Analytics
  • Support for multiple languages; Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Malay, and many more
  • The designed app won’t refresh upon every click – continue from where you left off

Granted that MobiLoud is an ideal website to app converter, but what’s the cost? There are different packages you can opt for depending on your budget. Ideally, purchase a plan where you can be creative. Their $400/month plan includes basically everything, consider it. There are additional charges for setup and configuration, though.

  1. Ninja

WPApp.Ninja is a mobile plugin that will convert your WordPress site into an app. Looking for the easiest way to make an app? Create an app of your choice overnight! Be it Android or iOS, WPApp.Ninja is there for you. The plugin has an easy-to-use interface that is minimalistic yet performs complex functions. With tons of built-in options, the dashboard is a wonder itself. All apps are white-labeled as well! Meaning that your app will be devout of any sort of advertisement. Including the plugin’s name.

Features of WPApp.Ninia worth mentioning:

  • Once you get an application, save its content for offline use. All data is cached on your phone. Be more portable.
  • Get real-time WordPress powered alerts. Traffic overview, browsing history, geolocation, and graphical analysis – an in-depth look
  • This mobile plugin is integrated with other plugins too. Weglot is one of them.
  • Demo testing. Before developing an app, get a free test and look at its prototype
  • Share posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps instantly. Has an effective social sharing system

Luckily this plugin encompasses all major features you may require and isn’t expensive. There aren’t any fancy plans, it’s a simple, one-time payment. Get unlimited push notifications, updates, and downloads – install for Android and iOS at 149€.

  1. AppPresser

AppPresser is quite different than other plugins. It does not simply convert a website to a mobile app for your convince but rather relies on its own server. To explain further, AppPresser creates an app on its own and then integrates with your already-made WordPress site. Because of this, you’re not dependent on WordPress’s quirky aspects. So work independently on AppPresser’s creative interface. For creative purposes, AppPresser included a “visual app customizer.’ Use this tool to change colors, add new pages, upload content, add tags, and a whole lot more.

Key features of AppPresser:

  • Access mobile’s functionality traits; camera, contacts, location, and more
  • Build apps from any type of WordPress site. Whether it’s a WooCommerce mobile app, Membership app, BuddyPress app, or any other
  • Get hybrid apps and save your time and money
  • Users can get instant alerts through push notifications and even save content for offline use
  • Get a thorough look at how consumers are using your app through Google Analytics

So, “AppPresser Review” has been done, now let’s talk about the price. Once you get an AppPresser account, select any of the three plans according to your budget and needs. At $129/month – get full access!

  1. Androapp

Lastly, when talking about the best WordPress mobile plugin, Androapp must be included. This plugin will make an android app online in mere minutes, apparently. Androapp’s developers ensure that they’ll be responsible for how the app works, where it gets published, and everything that comes along with it. However, this is not a WooCommerce mobile plugin and does not support it. BuddyPress plugins aren’t included either.

Notable Features:

  • Monetization support included; Admob and Appnext ap units
  • Use WP’s super cache feature and secure all your data
  • Avail dynamic settings – customize the menu, render images, change colors and do a lot more
  • All apps are white-labeled, completely free of any trademark
  • Look at view counts, page views, share count, comments, and overall engagement by using Androapp’s analytic tool

As far as the price is concerned, It is “free”, but on a trial basis. Either way, avail it to the max! After the trial period ends, you’ll have to pay $66/year and get full access!


Once you have decided on your budget and requirements, selecting a plugin shouldn’t be that difficult. Each tool has its own set of “features” but select the one that suits your needs. Did we leave any website to mobile app converter out? Let us know in the comments!

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