How long does it take to build a website?


Websites are an integral part of our daily lives. While most of the businesses are conducted online today, there’s no doubt in the fact that custom website development services are most highly demanded.

When it comes to website development, one of the most commonly asked questions is ‘how long does it take to build a website?

Well, here’s the answer. A simple website with average functionality would take at least two months for development before launch.

Here’s how the breakdown of this timeline is defined.

A typical website would take

3 weeks for discovery

6 weeks for design

3 weeks for development

2 weeks for important changes and development

Note that this timeline may vary depending upon the complexity of your website as well. A website with advanced functionality may even take up to a period of 4 months to build.

Moreover, factors like website designing and discovery may significantly affect your development timeline to create a website.

Typically, there are 3 main factors that determine the timeline for your website development, and in this piece, we’re going to discuss them in detail to help you make an informed decision.

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How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?


So basically, there are 3 major factors that impact your website development timeline.

1. How long would the company take before starting your project?

When you plan to get a website built, one thing you need to remember is that you need to be patient because the company won’t start on your project right away.

Note that the top website design and development companies are always booked and they won’t start working on your project right away.

Although there’s no specific time for how long a company is booked before they start working on your website, it highly depends upon their current workload and bandwidth.

Many people abandon such companies and go for freelance options. However, patience here is the key. It’s better to get your project completed with a reliable agency than to hand it over to freelancers.

A great practice to hire a great design and development company is to compare factors like timeline, cost, and portfolio.

Learn here how to find the right web designers for your website.

Our team here at WP-Pals tracks timeline and bandwidth and assign projects accordingly in order to maintain quality and timely deliveries. Reach out to us for further details.

2. How much time would the company take to get your website ready for review?

When a web design and development agency conducts a discovery for your website, they generate a clear idea of how much would it take to create your website.

Now typically, there are 3 stages that help you determine the right timeline for website development; Discovery, Design, and Development.


The first stage in the development cycle is discovery. Technically, in this stage, an agency would examine your requirements and expectations from the website and work on creating solutions to help you meet your website goals.

Also, a site map is created in this phase to understand and plan the entire content structure and documentation is done to determine the user experience and functionality each user will experience on different pages of the website.

For existing websites, this process is done by conducting a technical website audit.



The second and most important phase in the development cycle is the design phase. In this phase, website mockups are created to see how your website looks on different devices.

In simpler words, these mockups are the exact images of what your website would look like when it goes live on a server.

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The final stage before your site is ready for review is development. In this phase, functionalities are created in the backend that matches the designs created in the second phase and functionalities described in the discovery stage.

After completing this entire procedure, the website is sent to the owner for review before starting the improvements and further modifications.

3. How long before your website goes live on the web?


The final phase after the review is the modification period. Typically, changes and improvements are made to the website as per clients’ requests. Also, design changes and bugs removal are an important part of this phase.

Now there is no specific timeline for this phase, but depending upon the requested changes and number of bugs, the timeline is determined.

The ideal time for the modification period should be between 2 to 3 weeks.

A great way to work through the modification period effectively and get your site launched is to

  1. Know that there are other tasks that are needed to be conducted before your launch your site. Content is one of them. It is important to create your content before time so that there are no delays once the site is ready for deployment. A great practice is to include content writing and SEO in your project’s scope.
  2. Testing is an integral process. You need to schedule in-house review and testing your website during and after each phase just to ensure that there are no roadblocks before you finally plan to launch your site on a server.

Refer to this table below to have a better understanding of how long it would take to build a website.

Project Phase Expected Time For Completion
Discovery 3 Weeks
Design 6 Weeks
Development 3 Weeks
Changes/Modification 2 Weeks


To Sum Up

A typical website generally requires a time period of 2 months to build.

Although there are other quicker ways like using website builders which can help you achieve this purpose in a matter of days, we’d recommend you to go for a full-flash agency as it will ensure that your project is in safer hands.

In the end, a great thing to remember is that a website is not just a matter of design, development, and deployment on a server. Post-development maintenance is an ongoing process that helps your website stay secure and, in tiptop working condition.

A great way to stay on top of your maintenance game is to hire website maintenance services and let them handle all the hassle while you focus on other areas of your business.

Learn about how much you should pay for website maintenance costs in 2021.

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