Find A Website Designer: 9 Tips For Finding Best Web Designers Near Me


Your website design is important!

Nobody likes a website that doesn’t look or feel good. Just for reference, more than 35% of the visitors abandon or stop engaging with a website if the design layout or content doesn’t look good.

From using great looking fonts to creating navigable dropdown menus on your site, there are a lot of major and minor factors that go into creating a perfect website design.

Therefore, if you want your audience to engage and convert into customers, you must hire a web designer that can help you build a quality website that truly stands out among the competition and rocks.

Now you can also opt for a DIY approach, but I would recommend you to look out for some good WordPress web design agencies. There are a few solid reasons why you need to do that. Let’s briefly discuss them before we move down to the 9 solid tips for finding the best web designers and where to find them.

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Why Do You Need To Find A Web Designer?

‘Web designers near me’ is one of the highly searched queries with a 6000 monthly search volume on Google AdWords. This is because a professional web designer can offer you services and valuable advantages that you can’t achieve with a DIY approach such as mobile responsiveness.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to hire web design services.

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1. You Need A Web Design That Stands Out Of The Competition

The market is dense, and you’re competing with the giants in your niche. Therefore, just creating a simple website design isn’t enough. You need to create a design that looks aesthetically pleasing and stands out from the competition in terms of UX. Note that UX is one of the defining aspects of good web design.

If you opt for a DIY approach, you can easily build yourself a great website design using existing templates. However, there is a huge drawback to that. When you’re using templates, you’re technically building a website design that people are already using. There’s nothing unique about it, therefore it’ll blend with other websites using a similar template.

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When you hire a web designer, you ensure that your website design is 100% unique to your business and customized as per your requirements. The best part about having a customized website design is that you have full control over its navigation which you can use to create a stellar UX.

If you manage to create an easily navigable website with outstanding UX, you’ll provide your audience with a memorable experience – which is an excellent way of retaining your audience.

2. Building A Custom Web Design Requires High Expertise

Now you know the importance and effectiveness of customized website design and UX. If you think that you can achieve it on your own, then you might be on the wrong side because creating a custom web design requires great knowledge and high expertise.

In order to drive realistic results, you need to put critical thought and consideration into each major and minor aspect of the design and how they will affect the user experience.

Hiring top-tier website design and development services would ensure that you’re getting the best version of your website that will boost your organic traffic and eventually the leads.

Here’s the best part about getting a web designer to build your website design. All you have to do is to explain how you envision each aspect of your website to look like, and they’ll create it for you while handling all the dependencies and hard work behind. Moreover, since your website is inexperienced hands, you don’t need to worry about end results.

3. Website Designing Is Time Consuming

Web designing is a niche of its own, therefore you can barely argue on the fact that it requires quite a lot of time to be done perfectly. Moreover, the time you invest in creating a web design goes hand in hand with your expertise.

Even if you’re investing hours and hours daily creating a design that doesn’t look visually appealing, your efforts are going in vain. People would bounce off your site rapidly because it doesn’t look good or the navigation is quite complex.

Higher bounce-off rates means that you’re missing out on tons of revenue on the table – which is a killer in long term and your business won’t grow.

Again, hiring a web designer for the job is a convenient choice because they have enough time and experience to dedicate to your website as it is their sole JD. You can focus on other important areas of your business and completely rely on them to get your dream website built in the given time.

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4. A Website Design Has To Be Created With A Result Oriented Approach

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, making a successful website is no just a matter of making it look really awesome and colorful. There are a lot of major and minor aspects related to UX and navigation that determine its success.

Even a placement of the CTA (Call To Action) button can shake the overall result. Just like that, other factors such as videos, images, and where they appear also play a vital role in the UX of a website.

An experienced web designer knows where each design element on the site looks good and how it will impact the overall user experience. The idea here is that you can explain to them how your website should like so that they can also share their guidance along the way related to the UX and make changes accordingly.

Working this way with a professional web designer would ensure that your website looks stunning without compromise towards User Experience.

There you go, now I’ve thoroughly explained to you how important it is to work with a professional web designer instead of going DIY. So now, without any further delay, let’s move down to the 9 solid tips to find the best web design company.

Let’s begin.

How To Find The Right Web Designer For Your Website?

1. First Thing’s First, Set A Budget!

Before you could find or hire a web design and development service, you need to determine how much you’re willing to pay for it. And let’s be honest here, you should be willing to pay a good amount in order to get a world-class design.

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Although there’s no standard pricing for web designing in the industry, you need to remember this one fact – the more you’re willing to pay, the better services you’re going to get. In simpler words, your budget would roughly determine the results that you need to expect from the company (More on this later in the read).

For reference, a web designer would charge you an average of $75 per hour. Note that this price may vary depending upon the type of designer you hire.

My recommendation?

Look for a company that is comparatively newer in the market because such companies are most likely to offer you highly competitive prices. Just look at their portfolio, if everything’s fine, connect with them and discuss your project.

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2. Choose The Kind Of Designer Based On Your Budget

As I’ve mentioned earlier, your budget would roughly determine the results that you need to expect from the company. Here’s an in-depth explanation of that.

  • Freelancers (For Those With A Tight Budget)

If you’re a newer company or low on budget, freelancers are your way to go because they are the cheapest option in the market. Although I wouldn’t highly recommend you going for a freelancer because of certain reasons.

First, these guys are generally located remotely, so communication is a huge problem. Also, the result is not guaranteed good, world-class, or pathetic. You’ll never know until the final design is delivered to you.

However, this is not entirely true because there are quite a few well-known and sought out freelancers in the market with a great reputation.

On average, a good freelance web designer would charge you around $21 per hour. On websites like Upwork, you can find freelance web designers with a fee ranging from $15 – $30 per hour.

Again! The end results are not guaranteed when it comes to freelancers.

  • Web Design Agencies/Companies (Budget Is No Problem)

If budget is not a problem, then a dedicated web design company should be the best pick. Unlike freelancers, these companies are not really that cheap.

Now the great part about hiring a web design and development company is that you’ll get a small team of designers dedicated to your project. Communication here is not a problem at all.

Here’s the best part – since you’re hiring a dedicated company, you’re technically paying for the tailored experts working on your website, which means you can ask for customizations and revisions whenever you need and easily expect quick turnaround times as well.

Hiring a web design company may cost you around $50 – $80 per hour. Prices may vary depending upon certain factors.

Hiring A Web Design And Development Company Is Certainly My Best Recommendation For You.

  • A Full-Service Agency (For Those Who Want It All)

A full-service agency is an option for those who want more than just a website design. You can quickly tell by looking at its name that a full-service agency is not just a web design agency but more of a complete package provider. The services may include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC, and other digital marketing services as well. The communication is smooth and each specialized team of a niche works closely with others to provide great results and turnaround times.

As for the budget, such companies would cost you more than a freelancer but surprisingly, their services are cheaper than dedicated web design companies. On average, such companies would cost you somewhere around$40 – $90 per hour. Again, the prices may vary depending upon certain factors.

3. Have A Good At Companies’ Portfolios

Speaking frankly, if a company quotes you at a high price, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their work is worth the price you’re willing to pay. You need to be very careful about the company that you’re hiring for your website.

Even if the company is highly popular, but hasn’t worked previously in your industry, it might become a problem for you later. Here’s a way around, check out the Portfolio of each website that you’re considering. This way you can determine whether the company has previously worked in your industry or not. If yes, then look at their previously designed projects and see if you like their work. If not, then you can move on to the next option.

You can also check other designs created by the company, though I’d recommend you to choose a company that has experience with a similar industry as yours because it’ll pretty much determine what they can create for you, and its end results as well.

4. Read Client Testimonials And Track Their Previous Clients’ Experience

Experience of previous clients with the company is equally important as the quality of their services. Therefore, you need to focus on testimonials as much as your portfolio.

Reading client testimonials would help you determine whether or not the previous clients had a good experience with the company. This is especially helpful in terms of the company that you do not know much about.

You’ll be able to gain access to insights such as how good the company is in terms of communication and timely delivery. These insights are very important because you’re going to work with these people in long term. If they can’t manage timely deliveries and great communications, then you should look for a better alternative.

You can check out clients’ testimonials on the company’s website or on their Facebook page in the Reviews Section. You can refer to WP-Pals Reviews section for better understanding.

5. Check Out Company’s Pricing

Your budget plays a crucial role when it comes to finding the right web designing company near you. Like I’ve said it earlier – the more you’re willing to pay, the better services and end results you’ll get. But again, the services must be worth the price you’re investing in your website.

Now, this is quite a tricky part as there are companies that do not post or reveal their prices online as they want you to connect with them. This is understandable as these companies plan to run you through their buyer journey in a different manner.

There are companies that offer you a free cost calculator on their websites. Others offer you a Free Quotation.

I’d recommend you connect with different companies and compare their quoted prices before making a final decision.

As for the costs, there is no exact pricing as it entirely depends upon the type and number of elements you want on your website.

Although for reference, a business website may cost you somewhere between $4000 – $12,000depending upon the factors mentioned above. If you add up services like creating content and website maintenance services, the overall cost may go up to an average of around $6500.Again, these costs may vary.

6. Ask If The Company Or Freelancer Offers Any Additional Services

Now this may not sound much important as you were looking for a web designer only, but believe me, you’re going to need these additional services down the road. Here’s why.

You’re building a website for your business; there are many other services such as SEO and WordPress maintenance services that you must not forget about. Note that you can’t ignore the importance of SEO and WordPress maintenance because these two are the determining factors between a successful website and a useless website.

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When you’re considering a company, it is a great idea to check if they offer any additional services that are of your interest. If yes, you’ll get all the services under one roof, making things quite convenient in the future.

7. Do Not Hesitate When Asking Questions About A Designer’s Process

Honestly speaking, the word web designing may sound quite simple, but it is a vast field. You’d be facing many difficult terminologies while your journey to find a top web designer continues.

You must not fall for the companies or freelancers that are spouting vague promises and technical terms. This doesn’t define their expertise and experience to one bit.

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Remember that you are buying a service and you’re paying money for it. You’ve complete right to ask any question about the process of a web designer and clear all doubts that might occur.

A good freelancer or a web design agency would always be willing to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts beforehand.

8. Ask For References In Your industry

Before you finally choose a company to handle your web design and development services, it is a great practice to ask for different references within your industry.

If you like a website that is similar to your business, there’s no harm in asking the owner where they got it developed from.

This would help you save time looking for a relevant company and also give you a clear idea about the costs related.

9. Take Your Time Looking For A Suitable Web Design Company

Again, it is your money and you’re buying a service; therefore, it is important to know where you should spend it.

I’d suggest you take your time, think, and compare different options before you finally sign a contract.

There’s no need to hurry or take pressure from a certain company or freelancer into signing a contract. Reach out to companies and avail of free consultations and quotes, and choose a web design company that best fits your needs.

There you go, focus on these tips when your start looking for a website and you’d certainly make it through.

Every day, hundreds of business owners in the USA search for ‘Web designers near me’ or ‘Web design companies near me. So before we conclude, let me let you where to find web designers easily.

How To Find A Web Designer Near Me?

If you’re wondering how to find web designers or developers online, here are three platforms that you can leverage effectively.

Hiring Sites: This is the ideal option for those who’re looking for freelance web designers. Some great examples include Fiverr and Upwork.

Search Engines: Using Google, you can easily find great web design agencies through GMB (Google My Business) section.

Review Websites: Review websites are a great place to find some of the top-tier web design companies. The review on these sites come from relevant sources and they’re highly credible. It would be best if you use review websites such as Clutch and GoodFirms to find web designers online.

Hasta La Vista!

A website is not just a matter of development and deployment on a server. Elements like design and Regular maintenance play a critical role in its overall success.

If you want your website to generate more traffic and boost leads, you need to stay on top of these services.

If you find this article useful, read my other articles on subjects like ‘What is WordPress maintenance?’ and ‘What to look for when hiring a WordPress maintenance service provider?’ to raise your knowledge on the subject.