A Quick Guide On How to Create a Custom WordPress Sidebar (Easy Method)

wordpress create custom sidebar

You can simply add a sidebar in WordPress by creating your custom WordPress sidebar and specifying its location in the Custom Sidebars section.

Basically, a sidebar in WordPress is a widget area that you can leverage to display information apart from the main content of the page. These custom sidebars in WordPress allow displaying information on any page or post on your site.

In this read, we’re going to walk you through a 2 steps guide on how to create sidebars in WordPress.

Note that you need to install a WordPress plugin for custom sidebars first before conducting any of these steps.

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Let’s begin.

Step# 1. Create A Custom WordPress Sidebar

To create your custom sidebar in WordPress

Step#1. Go to the Widgets option in the Appearance section of your dashboard.

Step#2. Click on the Create a new sidebar option and write the name and description of your choice. (It will appear in the Custom sidebars section)

Step#3. Drag the desired elements from the Available Widgets column and drop them in your new sidebar.

Step# 2. Specify The Location Of Your New Sidebar

Note that the sidebar won’t appear on the front end of your site until you specify its location in the plugin. Here’s how you can do it.

Step#1. Go to the Widgets section of the Appearance menu and click on the Custom Sidebars.

Step#2. Select your desired sidebar and click on the Sidebar Location.

Step#3. Here you’ll see the extensive list of criteria on where you want the sidebar to appear.

Step#4. Select the criteria based on your requirements and click on the Save button.

Note that if you want the custom WordPress sidebar to appear on a specific page or post, you’ll have to access the setting of that page add sidebar as per your requirements.


By following this mini-guide of steps mentioned above, you can quickly create and customize sidebars on WordPress. And if you’ve found this read useful, have a look at our other mini-guides on topics like “How To Remove “Powered By Shopify” From Your Shopify Website” and “How To Delete A WordPress Website Permanently?” to raise your knowledge on the subject.