How To Delete A WordPress Website Permanently?

delete wordpress site

This tutorial explains how to delete sites on WordPress. Follow this step-by-step guide to delete your WordPress site permanently.

Step#1. Access your admin dashboard and click on the General section in the Settings tab.

Step#2. In the General section, click on Delete your site permanently.

Step#3. Now click on the Export Content button to create a backup of your website content for future use.

Step#4. Now scroll down and click on the Delete Site button.

Step#5. Enter the address of the website in the required field and click on the Delete this Site button.

The process is now completed. Note that once you’ve deleted your WordPress site using this method, it’ll be removed completely and you cannot access it in the future.

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It is also worth noting that you’ve got any paid upgrades associated with your WordPress site, you need to remove them before deleting the site completely. This helps you avoid losing access to those paid upgrades.

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Here’s how you can delete a WordPress website with Paid upgrades.

How To Delete WordPress Websites With Paid Upgrades

If you’ve any paid upgrades associated with your website, then you’re going to receive the following message before you can delete it.

You have active paid upgrades on your site. Please cancel your upgrades prior to deleting your site

Follow these steps to cancel your premium upgrades without any hassle.

Step#1. Click on the Manage Purchases button in the message window.

Step#2. You’ll be redirected to the Purchases section where you can either cancel your subscriptions permanently or transfer them.

Step#3. After choosing the desired option, you can delete your site permanently without losing access to your paid upgrades.

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Can you Reverse The Deletion Of WordPress Websites?

Luckily, Yes! It is possible to get access to your deleted WordPress website. However, you need to ensure that you Contact WordPress within 30 days after the deletion.

How To Close Your Account Permanently?

If you’ve decided to close your WordPress account permanently, you need to follow these steps.

Step#1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on My Profile.

Step#2. Click on the Account Settings button.

Step#3. Scroll down and click on the Close your account permanently button to completely remove your account.

By closely following this tutorial, you should be able to delete sites on WordPress completely without any hassle.